Experience Development
Experience Development

Experience Development

By #Nextgen Tourism


Next Gen is recognized for innovation in identifying new products that will be attractive for a destination whether they be tours, trails, accommodation, visitor facilities, services and transport. We also help clients improve their business, products and services. Behind most sustainable tourism opportunities lies a sound feasibility study and a solid business plan. Collecting and analyzing visitor numbers and customer feedback can be vital for successful projects, and our feasibility studies generally include our own market research which we also provide to clients. Next Gen has a proven reputation for no-nonsense and robust feasibility studies for medium-scale projects through to small businesses.

  • Product identification and evaluation.
  • Market analysis.
  • Assessment of viability.
  • Business planning.
  • Financial analysis and projections.
  • Economic impact assessment.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Social and environmental assessment.
  • Stakeholder engagement.